Please pass the mustard

I’ll begin this by stating I am on a diet. This isn’t one of those “oh I’ll just cut out carbs and eat lots of veggies” diets. No this one means business and it is kicking my butt. In fact last week my husband tried one of my Wasa crackers and declared they taste like a cereal box to which I responded “whoa…cereal boxes taste this good????”. Yeah I’m that deprived at the moment. Now I don’t want you to think I’m starving myself because I am absolutely not, in fact I am eating quite well. It’s just that I am the only one in our house eating like this, eating clean and restricted. For example, one night I had 4 oz of baked chicken with 4 oz of roasted asparagus with a very large glass of ice water flavored with orange stevia. Hubby and my minions were eating a Big Mac pizza from the local pizza joint. Pardon the drool pool. There are several boxes of Thin Mints sitting in the freezer, please grant me strength. I think the worst part are the dreams though. I dream that I am eating things I cannot have. Pretzels and peanut butter sandwich crackers are the prime subjects of these dreams, the best part is that I HATE peanut butter. Right now I would do a back stroke in a pool of peanut butter and lounge on a raft of reeses peanut butter pieces while using a peanut butter cup as a pillow. Tomorrow these cravings will be gone.

Another thing I have discovered, I absolutely adore spicy brown mustard. It seems to go well with everything. I can’t have oils or butter, so when I am sautéing my food in my non-stick pan I need to get creative. Enter spicy brown mustard. Holy snap you have got to try this. It is absolutely MIND BLOWING!!!! I have gone through two bottles in two weeks because I put it on everything I can. If I roast it I will smother it in mustard. My mother in law and I were chatting about my new obsession and she brought me mustard seeds and a great recipe for homemade mustard. Guess what I’m doing over the next few days. I love that woman. My husband thinks it’s gross and he watches in fascination as I stare at my food cooking with anticipation, I can already taste that tangy spiciness. Oh and cabbage! Cabbage where have you been all my life? I only ever ate it once a year and it would be boiled for a boiled dinner on St. Patty’s day. I LOVE boiled cabbage. You have got to try it roasted. Mouth watering I say! MOUTH WATERING!

But honestly, dieting usually isn’t worth it. Be smart about it, I am, my doctor is following me and I have a strong support system. Plus I am seeing results. But I am going to blog this journey because quite frankly it makes me laugh each and every single day. And please remember to always pass the mustard.

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