A few changes around here

“I want my own car”. That sure got Mr. Mustard’s attention today. It’s never “I want a new pair of shoes” or “I want a new purse”….those things I just buy without asking and he doesn’t really notice. It’s the big things that I just casually bring up over dinner or coffee that makes him almost choke. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I am being a typical greedy wife. He works nights, so after 3 pm I am trapped in the house with two children who want to go out and do things like martial arts or skiing and other activities. I have no way to take them since we live in the middle of nowhere Vermont. Instead of discussing buying a second car he discusses perhaps trying to get a daytime position. Seriously? He’d rather switch jobs than let me buy my own car. *cracks knuckles* Time to break out the big guns.

Mr. Mustard and I are equal partners in this marriage. Or at least that is what we like to let the other think. It does need a leader, that leader used to be me after I led a mutiny and I overthrew him. That lasted about 9 years and in the end I gave him back the wheel and said he could be leader again. It works better that way anyways 😉 Am I happy being one step behind, not always no. He always jokes that in a D&D world I would be the Berserker running into battle kicking butt. Or in a zombie apocalypse I’m the person slugging zombies with a fence pole. He’s probably right. I usually sit back and assess the situation and go from there, but when a situation dictates I take immediate action….well that’s what I do. Mr. Mustard on the other hand just takes immediate action without checking for solutions first. We counter each other, I slow him down when he is too fast to act and he speeds me up when I am too slow to act. I work fine alone but it’s nice to have my opposite around, he helps me see a different perspective. Especially when I am running hot and ready to yell at someone.

Oh and today I did something dangerous. I changed my hair. That’s right, I got a perm. This lady got a perm to change her appearance to match my weight loss. Check it out!

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