Does my vagina offend you somehow?

Today I had a mission. And my mission took me somewhere I try to avoid and up until now I have been successful at this. However I needed something and it required me going into a particular local store in order to purchase it. I needed a new violin bow and a new recording mic. Let me explain why I detest going into this store with every single ounce of my being. They ignore me. Every time I walk in I get zero acknowledgement. Now if this was a large store that was busy I would understand being overlooked. This store is quite small and the counter is facing the door and they have view of the entire store and their customers. There is usually at least two people working at any given time, typically the two owners, a husband and wife team. The last time I went in I was looking to purchase an electric piano to teach my oldest how to play. I was the only customer in there and neither of them came over to see if I needed help. Come on really? A customer is standing by some of your expensive instruments and you aren’t even going to come over and see if you can sell them one?? Especially when that customer is sitting down at one and checking them out and looking at them very very closely. When I finally gave up on someone coming over I approached the counter and asked if I could get some help, I was greeted with a sigh and one worded answers. I left without what I wanted. Another time I was standing at the counter waiting to be rung out and I had been standing there for a good 5 minutes when they finally said they would be right with me. I smiled and said that was fine, but it was not fine when a man came in and got behind me yet the owners jumped up to assist him immediately. Hey now, I was there first and all I wanted to do was pay!!!!

Today was the final straw. I had every intention of making a rather large purchase instead of going through Amazon. There were a few people in there when I walked in so I browsed the sheet music and music books while I waited. When everyone left I approached the counter and saw there were three people working. YAY I thought, maybe today I will get service! Wrong. Two of them immediately started to work on laptops and the third began to organize behind the counter. At this point I am simply flabbergasted. I wait a few minutes and finally ask if they have violin strings and the young man barely looks up before he points at a spot behind the counter. Great they are behind the counter and I can’t access them to look at them. I then ask if they carry violin bows to which he finally has to get up and retrieve one for me. After I inquire about recording mics the female owner becomes interested and immediately comes over to help make a sale. They must have thought I was stupid because the mics they were trying to sell me were NOT recording mics at all. And they were overpriced. Not to mention after how I was treated there was no way I was dropping $200+ in their little store to support them when they can’t seem to be bothered to give bare bones customer service. I paid $37 for a violin bow that was made in China and $10 for a flute book for my oldest. Good enough. The best part of all this, when my husband goes in he has no issue at all with them acknowledging him. None at all. Hmmmm…..interesting.

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7 Responses to Does my vagina offend you somehow?

  1. That’s complete and utter BS. How can other women and female employees carry on ignoring you like that? That’s just pathetic and those losers don’t deserve a penny from you!

    • ecurless says:

      I live in such a small area that you’d be amazed at the stuff I’ve seen. I once applied for a job at a small convenience store and the owner refused to give me an application and told me it was because he didn’t hire “broads”. I was 19 at the time and I was so shocked that I simply walked out and stood there on the sidewalk wondering if there was a hidden camera watching me. He was robbed numerous times and was arrested after grabbing a young woman by the wrist when he refused to give her a bag and she reached for one. He is now out of business.

      • Good grief! Where is your town? I lived in some pretty primitive small towns in the south, but even those weren’t so hostile to women (mostly just minorities!). It really makes my stomach churn just thinking about stuff like that. It’s pure, unadulterated ignorance. You should try to bottle it so that scientists can find a cure!

      • ecurless says:

        I live in Vermont HA! It’s beautiful here but I want to escape badly. It’s bloody cold this time of year! Not to mention that some people are absolutely nuts. I understand crazy people are everywhere, but at least it wouldn’t be so concentrated!

      • ecurless says:

        oh oh and you haven’t heard the best one yet! The man who informed me that my best friend (who is a man) could not in fact remain my best friend without sleeping with me. Why you ask? Because that is how it is, men and women cannot be friends without having sex. This guy didn’t know me, didn’t know my friend, I was just looking at something he was selling and he asked if my husband outside wanted to look at it too. I said that he was my best friend and that my husband was leaving the decision up to me. That was when I got the lecture that I would absolutely end up having sex with my friend before much longer… jaw kind of scraped the floor. No we did not have sex and no we never have.

      • Holy crap! That’s a whole new level of madness! Who thinks like that?!?

      • ecurless says:

        These people. It blows my mind. My friend was here for 2 weeks and I was alone with him most of the time. Not to mention I was high as a kite on pain meds from knee surgery and not once did anything inappropriate happen. Maybe I’m defective…..

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