Don’t need to be naked to earn my love

Has anyone else noticed the new trend with people posting pictures of themselves in their skivvies to prove a point about their weight? Now don’t get me wrong, as you know by now I am currently on a diet and doing quite well on it (despite the mysterious 1 lb weight gain last night…..), so I am by no means a pipe cleaner. But what the hell is the point of posting a picture of yourself on the internet in just your underwear and then follow it with a long column about how you were bullied for your weight growing up and you accept yourself for how you are and your weight and how you look. That is awesome I am so glad you do…..but do you need to post a picture of you in your underwear for the whole world to see to prove that point? And it’s not because of your size, it’s because I don’t need to see you in your underwear to get the point if you are a decent writer. I can relate to you in some manner since all of us have been bullied in some way at some point.

Then there are the before and after pictures people put up. The before shows them in a jeans and t-shirt holding their child at a family function, usually Christmas or a birthday party. The after picture they are suddenly wearing a bikini and high heels posing like a freaking swimsuit model. Seriously? We’ve been taking weekly progress pictures. In each one I’m wearing jeans and a shirt. Guess what I’ll be wearing in my final picture at the end. That’s right, jeans and a shirt. I’d like to be able to compare the before and after pictures and say “WOW!!!!!” and not have a total mind trip and be accused of photoshopping my face onto Gisele’s body thank you very much.

Why not keep it real? I’m your basic woman who takes it one day at a time with the whole year planned out in her head (hehehehehe). I drink a cup of tea every night when I get into bed, I have 2 cats, 2 hamsters and 6 rats. My husband and my 2 sons drive me batty but I’d be lost without them and I have a feeling the feeling is mutual. This house is full of love, chaos and every so often a mutiny arises. But we keep it real and we don’t need to fish for compliments to get one, they are handed out like candy, sometimes with a sprinkle of sarcasm. So people, please stop posting half naked photos to prove a point. You’re happy in your body, that is awesome! Stop letting the crappy people live rent free in your head and go live life!

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