Where are we heading?

I almost didn’t post this. This happened on Sunday. I will be calling the corporate office tomorrow.

It takes a lot to get me riled up but today some people managed to do it. And they did it by their actions and their lack of actions.

I was at Rite Aid (a pharmacy for those who are unfamiliar with the store). I needed some Aveeno hand lotion to keep in my purse since the winter is being particularly brutal this year. I grabbed what I needed and headed to the register. There was one cashier on and it was a 16 or 17 year old girl from the looks of it. I had that job as well when I was that age, however apparently I was raised better.

A woman I had not seen in several years came in and she was obviously quite distraught. Her mascara was running down her face and she was crying. In her hand were some bills, a receipt and an unopened box of home perm kit. She stepped in front of me and I said her name, she turned to look at me and said “He’s calling me a liar!”. At this point I knew something wasn’t right with my old school friend and I asked her what was going on. She pointed towards the manager’s office and said he kept calling her a liar. Ooooookay. Now I’m really worried because she had just walked in and spoken to nobody. The woman checking out left and my friend walked up to the cashier and said she wanted to return the perm kit. She handed over her receipt and the girl cracked a grin and snickered a little. “It’s not on the receipt”. My friend then started to crack a little more and I began to walk forward to see if I could maybe calm her down a little because quite clearly something was not right here. I wasn’t going to leave her like that in that condition. No way no how and nobody was stepping forward to offer her assistance. The cashier called the manager and as he spoke with the girl he loudly began to speak about my friend in an unflattering manner a few feet away and the cashier started to giggle. At this point I am trying to keep my cool, I didn’t want to become angry and upset my friend even more. Plus I like to keep my temper even. He had her call another cashier to take care of those of us still waiting. When the other cashier came out the girl ran other and pointed out my friend and started laughing. Seriously? I checked out and kept an eye on my friend. She finally got her refund and walked back to the pharmacy.

Now at this point not one person has asked her if she is okay. I want you to understand the situation. There is a woman in her early 30’s standing there sobbing and visibly in distress and instead of trying to see if she needs medical assistance of some kind she is being either ignored or laughed at. And this isn’t a freaking city people!!!! It’s a small town!!! I’ve known her since I moved here in the 3rd grade! I followed her to the pharmacy because I knew something was wrong, all the signs were there and I couldn’t just walk away from someone who was clearly in distress. It WAS my problem. I came up behind her and gently said her name and touched her shoulder and asked if she was okay and she turned to me and said no and just started sobbing even harder. Then I heard what she needed refilled I knew what the problem was. Mental illness is an ugly thing, I know because I live with one. The pharmacist recognized her pain as well and treated her with sensitivity and and swiftness. I asked my friend if she wanted to sit and talk while she waited and she mentioned her two kids were waiting in the car. So I asked what kind of car and I said I would go out and wait with them while she grabbed her prescription. I went out and introduced myself and we shared some laughs and jokes and then they told me this…”Mom put on all that make up today because she said she felt ugly”…..my friend is NOT ugly. When my friend came out from getting her meds she was still in tears but she grabbed me in a hug and said thank you and told me she no longer has friends. Well that’s not true, she has one, she has me.

This is where I hit the ceiling. I called the manager to have a word with him when I got home. I was calm and collected. The moment I mentioned the situation I was calling about he immediately cut me off and started to raise his voice and justify their behavior towards this woman. I could not get a word in. When I tried to say something he suddenly said “dearie I have to go there was just an accident in front of my store” and then hung up. I began to cry and my husband just looked at me shocked at my reaction. It takes a lot to make me cry when it’s another person. I was furious and so hurt for this woman and how she was treated. He drove over there to see if there was indeed an accident and if there wasn’t he was going to inform the manager of who he was and that we would be contacting corporate. Well here is where the karma train hit. Apparently just as he was being nasty to me on the phone a Hoagies delivery truck drove through their store sign……I swear I had nothing to do with it! First you do not dismiss me or a customer like that. Second, I’m 32 years old, do NOT call me dearie, third, you reap what you sow buddy.

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