It’s so quiet….and cold.

We’re currently in the middle of a “severe winter storm”. I live in Vermont, I’m pretty much used to this. When I was a teenager we’d have ice storms that would knock out our power for weeks at a time. I am well versed in the practice of hauling water from the brooke to the water tank in the basement using buckets through several feet of snow in the dark using flashlights. There were four of us and my step-dad would break a hole through the ice to get to the water. This way we could at least store water to flush the toilet. So like I said, 15-25 inches of snow, not really that big of a deal and I’m not panicking about the amount of snow, just about my husband being out in it knowing how other people drive. By the way, four wheel drive does NOT prevent you from going off the road so stop driving like morons please.

There is something to love about blizzards though. It’s the silence. Nobody wants to really go out in one so the roads are pretty empty. The only sound you will hear are the plows going by every 15 or 20 minutes. That odd scraping of metal on ice and pavement. It’s reassuring in a way, I know that for that second that section of road is safe. And then I silently curse under my breath because all that crap is being pushed straight to the end of my driveway and freezing solid. Guess who gets to hammer through it in the morning, that’s right….ME. A great big wall of brown ice that will up to my knee or hip. But I digress. It is so quiet right now that every so often I can hear branches give way and let their loads of snow fall, it’s a muffled thud as it all hits the already existing snow mound under the trees. If you step outside you will hear that and then pretty much nothing else unless the wind kicks up, then you can hear the branches stir and more snow hitting mounds. I like to close my eyes and pretend that I am all alone for a brief moment, nobody else is near me and I am the only one for miles. Then the sound of a car reminds me I’m not exactly back in the middle of nowhere anymore.

For closing, here are some pictures I took from my front porch, the calm before the storm so to speak. Enjoy!

The flowering crab in my front lawn

I thought it was pretty….

My veggie garden in the backyard needs Spring badly 😦

My dad bravely crossing the road to see if I need anything.

More of my front lawn blanketed.

I want to make a sign that says “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” for our drive way after storms.

When this comes down by our front door it is going to shake the house. I can’t wait!

Oh so blustery! Admire those roads!

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