Tis a review I write!

And I shall write it now! So last night I was laying in bed pondering what I should do, watch Netflix on my iPad or go to sleep. I chose Netflix of course. Besides it was only 9 pm and I wasn’t finished my knock out tea yet, therefore the fun had yet to begin. Perusing through the titles I came upon “The Deep Blue Sea”, no not the shark movie (which by the way only upset me when the bird was eaten). I read the description which basically went something like this “An older woman falls for a younger man blah blah blah”. I immediately thought “oooooh! British version of ‘Unfaithful’!!!!” so I picked it. Nope it was not. Next time I will read the synopsis better. Now this was not a bad movie, not at all, it just kind of took me by surprise and I snorted in my tea when the music started playing. All of a sudden I felt like I was in theater and I could actually smell the dusty heavy dark curtains on the stage and hear the creaks on the stage as we all scrambled to our places and the whispers backstage. Not bad memories at all and I become excited for a brief moment. Okay it had me, I admit it, it had me and I was sucked in. 

Then my jaw dropped, Rachel Weisz was in the movie!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEES! *cue scream into pillow*. Wait, SHE’S the older woman? She doesn’t look older! She doesn’t look older at all! Hell she looks MY age and I’m 32! So how old is the younger man….please tell me he’s going to be out of high school. Oh bloody hell it’s Tom Hiddleston. Come on really? THEY LOOK THE SAME DAMN AGE! Okay Liz just breathe, I can see why they picked him. He is a fantastic actor and he can put forth emotion and passion without going overboard. But he does NOT look like a freaking younger man. I was expecting a teenager if they had her as an older woman. Then it happened. The sex scene. I was not prepared for that and I almost rolled off our queen sized bed when it panned to them in bed…together….naked. And I do mean NAKED. Sweet. They were naked. Did I mention he was naked? Yeah he was totally naked too. I mean…there were sheets too….but they were on top of said sheets, so that doesn’t count as clothing right? Did I mention I’m 32 and have totally seen a naked man before? There is nothing wrong with appreciating the beauty that nature has created. STOP JUDGING ME! I am happily married, I have been for almost 10 years. Ten long, wonderful years. I love my husband very much. Those arms…..okay done now moving on.

So the movie gets to a part that has me absolutely furious with Tom’s character Freddie and I wanted to reach through the screen and rip his teeth out. I won’t say what it is because that is a spoiler but I seriously wanted to sic my rats on him. Cover him in meal worms and honey and let my rats go to town. Then he said a line that totally hit home and I almost cried. But here is where they lost me. Maybe it’s because my tea kicked in or because I’m a total nitwit (and was potentially still stunned by the bed scene…), but it took me until I was in the bathroom this morning to realize that the entire middle part was frelling flashbacks! I was so confused watching it that I thought I must have either fallen asleep and missed a big chunk or the Tardis had swept in and took everyone for a ride. I was so confused! Leave it to me to figure it out while peeing. All you hear from the bathroom at 6 am is “EUREKA! FLASHBACKS!”. I’m a genius. So now that I have given you that play by play, please do watch it. It’s great, just be patient and do NOT drink anything that makes you groggy.

And for something to make you laugh, my friend Alyssa can never figure out why her daughter loves it when I babysit her. Remember I have 2 sons so I’m pretty decent with kiddos. Her daughter is 5 and I have a blast with her. My sons are 4 and 8, it’s a pretty good mix. This morning when my oldest left for school on the bus my 4 year old wasn’t up yet and I was about to get him up for preschool when Gabby arrived to spend the day with me so Alyssa could go to an appointment. My husband was still sleeping since he arrived home from work at 3:30 am. It was around 7:49 am that we had our little adventure. I got her mom’s permission to upload and post this, don’t worry 🙂 Behold our monster hunting adventure!!!!!! My husband had NO IDEA this was going on until I showed him and he shook his head and laughed. He has no idea what to do with me. Mystery solved as to why Gabby loves coming over.



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