What am I afraid of?

I am now very curious about programs like chatroulette. I downloaded an app for my ipad called Photoroulette and it’s pretty interesting. You take a picture and send it to a random person. A random person then sends you a picture. Earlier either it was a coincidence or the man received mine but I sent a picture of my feet resting on the couch. A few minutes later I received a picture from a random stranger and it was the same pose, which of course made me laugh. And this is when it became an experiment for me. I started to investigate the background of his apartment to figure out his lifestyle. From what I could tell he is single and probably a college student working as an intern. Creepy aren’t I. I wonder if he could tell I don’t wear socks often by the state of my feet….I am now on a mission to see what stories I can come up with.

Now the big question, why don’t I take a deep breath and check out chatroulette again? Because I don’t want to get skipped that’s why! These strangers judge you in an instant and the faster they hit skip the lower your score is in your head. Now I’ve done it before and didn’t have that issue and I spent the whole time laughing at the weirdos doing gross things on cam (by the way they don’t appreciate you laughing at them….). And why should I care if someone skips me, maybe redheads scare them, maybe their finger slipped, maybe they need a fork in the eye….who knows! My husband thinks it’s funny that I type in the web address to check it out and then start hyperventilating. I will chat on Facetime just fine, I can hang up on you there and flounce away. But on these other websites I am at their mercy, it brings back the days of Hot or Not. Why the hell would anyone submit their picture to that website anyways?!? “Here tell me I’m Hot because I claim I’m ugly though I know I’m not”. Now pair me up with someone and I suddenly grow a pair and I have a field day raising hell on there. I absolutely love pranking people and making others laugh. Man….get up Liz….you’re better than this!

And now that I have rambled on very little sleep (the vomit comet tore through our house at 1 am and our 4 year old hopped on for a ride) I have not had more than 2 hours of sleep. Every single towel was used in the house to clean up the pools of puke, I stepped in it, skated around in it, scrubbed it off our bedroom wall, tried to figure out how the banana was still white after being in his stomach all day, and I gave him a bath at 3 am. He was up the rest of the night and I had to get my 8 year old on the bus at 7:30. I am exhausted. Blah.


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